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The red90 crew have worked on huge projects and tiny projects, from a simple interview for YouTube to a network TV programme. Our ethos is to treat each job the same way and we bring a high level of production values and creativity to each and every film we make.
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We have experience of filming around the world and there aren’t many situations that we’ve not encountered. Whether you’re after a training DVD, a promotional film for your trade stand or reception area, an interactive high-definition blu-ray disk, filming of a live event, conference or product launch our team will give you an end result to be proud of.

We also work in the medical field covering very sensitive topics; so we pride ourselves on being considerate film makers and able to put people at their ease. The BMA highly commended one of our films as

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“… an excellent example of how clear and concise information can be provided for patients which other specialities in the surgical field might wish to consider. Congratulations to the team.”
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More and more of our customers are realising the benefits of using video in their marketing or information structure and with the use of social media growing daily, more are using us to make short YouTube films or clips for their intranet. With the click of a mouse your films can now be seen worldwide, now that is amazing value for money!

We believe that our approach to working with clients mean that we not only make great films, we’re nice guys to work with too.